Mindful Consumption

Cleaner Choices: Low Impact Living

As a clean lifestyle becomes an aspiration that increasingly influences purchase decisions, detergent manufacturers are adapting to meet sustainability expectations while continuing to deliver cleaning performance.

Sustainable Aspirations: Positive Decisions

Today’s consumers’ want more from their cleaning beyond high performance on stains and odors. There are also increasing demands for detergents to align with holistic sustainability values that shape choices on everything from food consumption to fashion purchases.

IFF is responding by providing a new generation of biodegradable, performance enhancing, coldwater-compatible enzymes that deliver sustainable benefits to detergent manufacturers.

These new developments are being informed by four key drivers shaping consumer expectations around mindful consumption:

A New Cycle: Cleaner Technology

In recent years, the laundry industry has made great strides in reducing its environmental impact, with lower temperature washes and energy efficient appliances all improving sustainability.

Enzymes are one of the keys to unlocking further reductions in energy usage in laundry, with new innovations helping detergents to offer the same cleaning power in more sustainable washing conditions.

Bio-Solutions: Greener Chemistry

Studies show that more than a third of global consumers want no harsh chemicals in their detergents.

To meet this demand, detergent manufacturers will need to shift to greener chemistry, including biodegradable solutions such as enzymes. These materials have the potential to replace many of the ingredients currently derived from fossil fuel sources.

A Smaller Footprint: Consumer Power

An increasing number of well-informed consumers across the world are scrutinising the ethical credentials and environmental impact of products more closely than ever before.

As a result, there will be growing pressure for detergent manufacturers to be able to demonstrate to savvy consumers that they are committed to high performance products that provide sustainable solutions. Enzymes can help to deliver the lower impact performance they demand.

Brand Power: Embracing the Circular Economy

The fashion industry is transforming, as designers and labels wake up to the commercial potential of delivering products with improved longevity, a lower environmental impact and overall greater sustainability.

Laundry behaviours will change too, as environmentally aware consumers wear the clothes they own for longer, wash less frequently and increasingly choose sustainable, recycled fabrics.

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