Unleash the value of your starch

By shortening production cycles and reducing operating costs, our enzyme solutions help create more value from renewable raw materials for our customers in the starch processing industry.

Many years of experience working closely with grain-milling refineries and other grain processing customers have enabled us to develop enzyme products that add considerable value to production processes. We offer a wide range of liquefaction, saccharification and isomerization products, backed by our applications laboratories in the US, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Working closely with our customers, we create new enzyme products by applying our innovative biotechnology platforms to their custom equipment, processes and substrates.

Global technical expertise

Through mimicking the processes that our customers run, our applications team is able to find solutions to technical challenges and provide advice on achieving performance goals.

Pauline Teunissen, Global Applications Leader at IFF tells us how we partner with our customers to arrive at solutions that meet their needs.

Our experienced professionals provide top-of-the-line technical support enabling you to optimize production of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), high dextrose and high maltose syrups. Our enzymes contribute to energy, water, and chemical reduction by increasing dry solids, reducing process temperatures, reducing costly process pH adjustments, and improving filtration efficiencies.

Liquefaction: SPEZYME®

SPEZYME® amylases reduce viscosity by hydrolyzing glucosidic bonds to efficiently produce soluble dextrins. Rapid viscosity reduction enables high-solids operation wtihout compromising hydrolysate quality.

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Saccharification: OPTIMAX®

OPTIMAX® blends are designed to obtain the best balance between peak dextrose and high solids operation. Stable to the reversal of saccharides and allowing an excellent performance of downstream processes.

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Isomerization: GENSWEET®

The GENSWEET® IGI family is adapted to the production needs of each fructose plant, with the widest range of activities on the market and excellent mechanical resistance ensuring its efficiency throughout its operating life.

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Separation: VISCAMYL™

In the grain wet milling industry, VISCAMYL™ cellulases and xylanases can be used to improve the separation of starch, gluten, and fiber fractions and to make the filtration of individual product streams easier.

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“Lowering water, energy and chemical usage can decrease inputs and raise profitability.”

At IFF, we have a big focus on sustainability. Hear from Cindy McCracken, Vice President, Grain Processing on how we support customers in lowering water, energy, and chemical usage - while raising profitability.

“We only win when the customer wins.”

Through working openly with customers, we can use our technical knowledge to provide added value to customers. Nadia Ramírez Angulo, Sales Leader, EMEA, Grain Processing, Brewing & Distilling and Edwin Moorthamer, Regional Technical Manager, EMEA explain our approach.

“We work as a triangle to build better customer connections.”

Watch Michel Verhoef, Regional Industry Leader, EMEA Grain Processing, Bart Koops, Regional Application Leader, EMEA Grain Processing and Nadia Ramírez Angulo, Sales Leader, EMEA, Grain Processing, Brewing & Distilling explain Fhow industry, sales and applications work as a "triangle" to better understand how we can support customers and build relationships for the long-term.

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