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These are challenging times for the semiconductor industry, managing both the high demand for chips and the massive water footprint that comes with the production process.

At IFF, we're always looking for opportunities to reduce industry's reliance on finite resources. Our OPTIMASE® range of catalase enzymes offers such an opportunity for the semiconductor industry, through the remediation of waste water that leaves the plant, helping re-invent the manufacturing process in both in an environmentally friendly and business-effective way.

4 ways OPTIMASE® offers maximum benefits for minimal switching cost:

Remediating a plant’s peroxide-containing wastewater with traditional methods, like sodium sulfite or thiosulfate, will generate very large amounts of dissolved salts. The high levels of total dissolved solids (TDS) can complicate disposal and lead to significant cost increases. Replacing a traditional remediation process with OPTIMASE® CA provides four key benefits for manufacturers:

Less wastewater TDS

OPTIMASE® CA removes hydrogen peroxide by catalytic decomposition. Each single enzyme will catalytically convert millions of hydrogen peroxide molecules into water and oxygen. OPTIMASE® CA will decompose hydrogen peroxide to below the detection threshold. No additional reducing agents are needed and no increase in total dissolved solids is observed.

Cleaner downstream process

Using OPTIMASE® CA eliminates the need for reducing salts or heavy metal addition to remediate hydrogen peroxide. The resulting low TDS and absence of additional toxic components lead to a cleaner DSP. This makes recycling easier through increased efficiency of RO systems and ion-exchange systems.

Reduced environmental footprint

As a highly efficient catalytic converter of hydrogen peroxide, small amounts of amounts of OPTIMASE® CA can treat large volumes of H₂O₂-containing wastewater. Just one 1kg of OPTIMASE® CA can replace 125kg of sodium bisulfite when reducing hydrogen peroxide. This reduced need for materials, transport and warehousing results in a significantly lower environmental impact.

Increased cost efficiency

OPTIMASE® CA provides a clear cost advantage over traditional remediation techniques through lower transport and storage costs, as well as a lower CAPEX needed for implementation. In addition, increased use of OPTIMASE® CA ensures longer life of expensive RO systems, and simplifies the recycling and reuse of wastewater streams in a time of increasing water scarcity and cost.

Application Guide

Download the application guide for OPTIMASE® CA 800L Liquid Catalase

“OPTIMASE® represents an exciting new opportunity for semiconductor manufacturers to re-invent their remediation process with a solution that's both environmentally-friendly and high-performance.”

— Simon Herriott, President, Health & Biosciences, IFF

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Let's talk about how to achieve your business and sustainability goals in semiconductor manufacturing - complete the form below and someone will be in touch.