Powering the world's top brands through premium, functional health ingredients rooted in science

At IFF Health, we’re using Uncommon Sense to spark innovation, create novel ingredients and concepts, and to serve brands and consumers with the most in-demand solutions. As a collective of unconventional thinkers and creators, we put science and artistry to work to create transformative and unexpected scents, tastes that spark the experiences the world craves.

Developed by leading scientists, and derived from high-quality plants and herbs, IFF Health’s premium probiotic strains (HOWARU®) and breadth of botanicals and health ingredients (CARE4U®) are used in dietary supplements and functional foods that support the consumer’s lifespan – from infants to mature adulthood.


We understand the need to be nimble and pivot quickly, which is why we’ve put strategic company acquisitions at the forefront that provide customers with an optimal end-to-end offering.

From strain selection and formulation, to finished format, manufacturing, and packaging, learn more about our in-house partner, Health Wright Products, to discover a new way of doing business. Propel your go-to-market speed and access with a one-stop-shop.

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HOWARU® High-Quality Probiotics

A strain isn’t just a strain. At IFF, we put science and creativity to work, offering a clinically mastered line of probiotic solutions, HOWARU®. We’re not only partnered with seven of the top 10 US probiotics supplement brands, we also pride ourselves on being featured over 700 times in publications featuring probiotics. One out of three probiotics in dietary supplements globally, are a HOWARU® strain.

CARE4U®: Extensive Botanical Portfolio

We take our extensive, world-class botanicals portfolio to heart, from sourcing, to our proprietary decontamination process (ELFA® HyperPure), and sustainability goals. Our deep-rooted alliances with local farmers and suppliers enable us to offer the highest raw material standards through traceability and quality assurance, and our partners follow Good Agricultural Collection Practices (GACP), ensuring the protection of wildlife during harvest.

Meet Health Wright Products: Manufacturing Mastered

Health Wright Products, an IFF company, revolutionizes contract manufacturing of dietary supplements with relentless precision and cutting-edge technology. Our GMP-compliant FDA inspected facilities, product development expertise, and nearly 30 years of experience enable us to be your ideal manufacturing partner.


Market expertise, ingredient familiarity, technological experience, and deep supply chain relationships enable you to create the optimal product for your need, application and consumer.

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Encapsulation experience, market knowledge, and the highest quality ingredients and processes to deliver products that ‘pop’ – we call it “encapsulating your wow!”

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Let us guide all aspects of your product presentation, ensuring your customers get the right product with the best ingredients, and the proper dose in the appropriate format for their lifestyles.

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Benefiting from a wealth of consumer insights, global regulatory expertise, guided strain selection, and formulation mastery, our customers leverage the right value at the right time – we meet you anywhere in your growth juncture, from emerging Ecommerce companies, to enterprise, and beyond, adapting new formulas to address ever-evolving consumer demand.

It's good to be different...in quality and process

When it comes to offering premium probiotics, and a uniquely diverse selection of botanicals, we’re dedicated to holding ourselves accountable to you. From our strain stability and quality process to botanical decontamination, you can rest assured that we’re invested in your satisfaction and consumer safety.

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Join the conversation on LinkedIn for the latest industry trends and news on our premium probiotic solutions.


Join the conversation on LinkedIn for the latest industry trends and news on our premium probiotic solutions.