Our unique G+ and G4 anti-staling enzymes make baked goods softer, more resilient, and longer lasting​

POWERFRESH® enzymes take baked goods to a superior level of freshness. By modifying the amylopectin in flour starch during baking, our enzymes help you create soft, resilient and delicious bread that lasts longer on your consumers’ shelves.​

Since proteins and arabinoxylans also contribute to the firming of breadcrumb, POWERFRESH® products feature additional enzyme activities that optimize results for individual applications.​

Whether you’re in the bread improvement business or baking on an industrial scale, our POWERFRESH® series offers a broad range of product solutions.​

Our G+ Products​

Drawing on advanced G+ technology that extends bread shelf life without sacrificing superb eating quality, our POWERFRESH® Bread and POWERFRESH® Special products are carefully tailored to maximize consumer loyalty to your brand.​

G+ enzyme technology is extraordinarily efficient at modifying starch during baking. This amylase lowers the rate of amylopectin retrogradation, slowing down the bread staling process. The result is substantial crumb softening and moistness, combined with improved resilience and elasticity.​

Key Benefits of POWERFRESH®
  • Long-lasting softness and freshness​

  • Resists crushing when stacked​

  • Consistent shape​

  • Enables geographical expansion


Roughly 30% of our food is wasted annually, generating close to 1.3 billion tons of food waste. This amounts to losses of roughly US $1 trillion globally. Our baking enzymes can help keep baked goods fresh for longer, reducing food waste.

In addition, our baking enzymes help ensure a reliable and robust baking process, leading to less product discarded due to being out of specification. This avoids both wasted resources and environmental emissions associated with food waste decomposition.

Our baking enzymes are aligned with the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

2 Zero hunger

3 Good health and well-being

12 Responsible consumption and production

13 Climate action




POWERFRESH® Bread with G+

Keeps your bread fresher for days longer than any other choice on the shelf.

​POWERFRESH® Special with G+

Tailored for bakery products high in fat and sugar (such as brioche and panettone). Creates incredible mouthfeel with extremely high elasticity and crumb moistness.


Made to give buns a high level of freshness and incredible crumb strength. POWERFRESH® Bun makes it possible to maintain great bun shape, even when a bun is fully loaded. In hotdog buns, you’ll appreciate the superior hinge effect too.

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Get in touch to learn how our enzymes and cultures for the food industry can improve freshness, ensure consistent quality and reduce costs.

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