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Improve operational efficiency and move your business forward by accelerating fermentation, increasing yields, and reducing consumption of energy and natural resources.

Our OPTIMASH® range of products consists of a diverse line of accessory enzymes including:

  • Xylanases - hydrolyze the arabinoxylans in the corn fiber making previously unavailable starch accessible. Alpha-amylases can now act on this starch and allow it to be converted to fermentable sugars.
  • Proteases - for increased corn oil and ethanol yield paired with a lipase for superior foam control.
  • Phytases - efficiently hydrolyzes phytate under ethanol fermentation conditions, generating inositol, an important yeast nutrient while maximizing the level of free phosphate in residuals (DDGS).
  • Trehalases - for hydrolyzing extracellular trehalose to glucose during the SSF process, which can then be converted into additional ethanol.
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FERMGEN® 2.5X is a line of acid proteolytic enzymes designed to hydrolyze proteins under low pH conditions.

The broad substrate specificity of FERMGEN® 2.5X protease enables the enzyme to easily and efficiently hydrolyze most proteins in a random fashion. - delivering faster fermentation rates and yield.

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FermaSure® is a line of antibiotic-free fermentation additives that rapidly attack and decrease harmful bacteria, allowing you to increase your ethanol fermentation rates and efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Higher ethanol yields
  • Consistent batch-to-batch performance
  • No antibiotic residue in DDGs
  • No bacterial resistance
  • Less down time in the plant
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Get in touch to learn how our XCELIS® Ethanol Solutions platform can help you get more profitability from your plant.

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