Generation Convenience

A global demographic shift means a new dominant consumer force is emerging – one that is tech-savvy, connected and more demanding than ever before. Detergent manufacturers face a challenge to keep pace with Generation Convenience.

Remaining Relevant

Meet Generation Convenience: an emerging group of tech-driven, hyper-connected and scarily well-informed consumers. Generation Convenience expects outstanding on-demand performance on time, every time.

Detergent companies are faced with an existential challenge: respond to the fast-changing needs and values of Generation Convenience, or face irrelevance.

So, what are the drivers shaping their behaviors – and how can manufacturers innovate to stay ahead?

Instant Gratification

Whether it’s waiting for a response to a tweet or the delivery of a new product, Generation Convenience is hardwired to enjoy the thrill of the chase and the excitement of expectation.

Detergent brands need to tap into this natural drive for instant gratification, cultivating a desire for their products among all generations with an expectation of industry-leading performance that tackles their laundry concerns.

Enabled by Technology

Customers no longer have to ‘go’ shopping anymore, because, according to KPMG, they are shopping at every moment, everywhere.

The industry needs to fuse the product offer across retail and online to deliver a genuine omni-channel experience.

Making it Personal

Generation Convenience wants customized and personalized experiences that reflect their individual preferences.

Brands need to maintain the shift from product passivity into developing personal relationships that reflect the consumer.

Online Validation and Sharing

Connected consumers from all generations are better informed than ever, seeking social proof that the decisions they make are the right ones.

Detergent manufacturers can’t hide away - they need to be everywhere, engaging in conversations, sharing content and establishing expectations.

Shaping the Future

By identifying and keeping pace with the behaviors and preferences of customers today and tomorrow, IFF is developing new solutions that will enable manufacturers to satisfy this diverse, dynamic and demanding consumer base.

We’re creating market-leading solutions that tackle the emerging concerns of Generation Convenience.

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