Liquid Demography

The Demographic Trends Shaping Cleaning Behaviors

Consumer cleaning habits are being shaped by rapid changes in global demographics. To ensure they are able to keep pace with the fast-evolving needs of modern consumers, detergent manufacturers need to understand the trends driving the behaviors in emerging and existing markets.

Future Forces

The ebb and flow of new demographic shifts is challenging long-fixed patterns of consumer behavior and redefining the future landscape for global retail. We call this phenomena Liquid Demography.

Only by understanding and anticipating these dynamics can laundry detergent manufacturers develop products and solutions that appeal to modern consumers.

Here are the key trends shaping the future:

Emerging Giants: Global Population

By 2050, a population explosion in Africa will see the number of people on the continent more than double, while, in contrast, Europe will see its population fall. Double-digit population increases are forecast for Asia, Latin and South America, and North America.

Shifting populations will see the creation of exciting new markets – and the growth of existing ones - that detergent manufacturers need to target.

The Space Race: Rapid Urbanization

Building up, not out in high-density mega cities, space-limited customers prefer smaller packages says Polaris Market Research.

Concentrated, multifunctional, multi-use detergents that deliver a big performance in a small package are the goal.

Looking East: Consumer Power Shifts

By 2030 Asia will represent 66% of the global middle-class population and 59% of middle-class consumption, compared to 28% and 23% in 2009 says the OECD.

Understanding the global shift of power and developing culturally specific solutions that reflect the lifestyles, choices and behaviors of customers in target markets is essential.

The Long Game: Independent Living

There will be more people aged over 60 than aged under-10 by 2030 says the UN.

Smarter, connected devices and concentrated, single dose detergents can reduce the strain of laundry, helping older people live better lives for longer.

Evolving Values: De-Nuclear Family

In the West, the concept of a ‘traditional family’ is dying out as accepted definitions of what a family is change.

Detergent brands need to refocus around emerging domestic values and behaviors.

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