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The world of brewing is fast-paced, creative and fun. Market trends and consumer behaviours are changing all the time so there is always something new to be excited about. That’s why we love nothing more than to help you capitalize on new trends by designing extraordinary products and, at the same time, helping to design the processes to make them.

By combining an unmatched expertize in enzymes with an outstanding natural flavors portfolio and a global network of brilliant experts across a wide variety of disciplines, we are the perfect partner for your next brewing project. At IFF we never stop asking questions and we really do believe that, when it comes to brewing, anything is possible.

The answers are out there. Let’s find them together.


Powered by brewing enzymes, sharpen your competitive edge with cost-effective production, optimal raw material use and higher yield.

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Sustainable Brewing

The IFF master brewers and portfolio of brewing enzymes offer innovative solutions to help the industry meet its sustainability goals.

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IFF: Catalyzing the future of Brewing
product spotlight

Discover beer clarification that's smarter, more effective, more sustainable - and right the first time. BCLEAR™ is a new enzymatic solution which stabilizes beer, maintaining clarity smarter and more efficiently than current solutions.

Latest Brewing News & Insights

IFF Launches BCLEAR™ to Stabilize Beer More Efficiently and Sustainably

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If Beer Brands are to Succeed, They Had Better Make it Local

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Energy Savings from Milling

Our team is constantly looking for ways to help our customers reduce their costs. Discover how energy savings can be achieved from milling.

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Brewing the Change, For Good

In a rapidly changing world, we deliver much-needed innovation for brewers and beverage companies charged with meeting the desires and challenges of tomorrow’s brew.

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Brewing Brut IPA with the IFF Enzyme Toolbox

Brut IPA has taken reduced dextrin beers from light to luxurious, from diet to delicious. This newcomer looks set to become a classic. Dry, hoppy, effervescent and so easy to enjoy.

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Why the Writers at Forbes are Getting Excited About Our Enzymes

It is only right for a business magazine whose motto is ‘Change the World’ to be interested in Nutrition & Biosciences and our enzyme development for the beer-making industry.

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Incredible things happen when we combine.

Brewing is equal parts art and science. That’s why we start from the premise that "anything is possible". Our Scientists, Flavorists and Master Brewers work together, using consumer insight and technical know-how to transform your product portfolio using enzymes, flavors, natural antioxidants and botanical extracts - combined with their infectious curiosity and desire to try things differently. See how.

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Get in touch to learn how our enzymes and cultures for the food industry can improve freshness, ensure consistent quality and reduce costs.