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Across a wide range of markets, we're working towards a more sustainable future by offering our customers new choices that are better, safer, and cleaner.

Animal Nutrition & Health

For over 40 years, our range of feed enzyme and gut health solutions has helped livestock producers resolve the nutritional and health puzzles at the heart of antibiotic-free and sustainable production.

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The XCELIS® fuel ethanol platform is built around helping you succeed, achieving new levels of efficiency and higher ethanol yields.

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Fabric & Home Care

Our range of cutting-edge enzymes deliver industry-leading cleaning performance, to effectively break down stains and provide garment care.

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Food & Beverages

The wide range of cultures & food enzymes developed by IFF promote consumer-led health & wellbeing trends across a range of applications such as dairy, baking, brewing, and plant-based alternatives. Our enzymes and cultures also help to reduce food waste by keeping products fresher longer.

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Personal Care

Discover our range of natural active and functional ingredients such as osmolytes developed by IFF to improve performance and enhance the consumer's experience in personal care applications. ​

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Textile Processing

Our vision is to replace all conventional textile processes by more sustainable processes that cost less, not more.

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In the News: Bioscience Solutions

Spotlight - IFF: Innovations for the Individual Producer

IFF is a yeast and enzyme provider that offers ethanol producers customized recommendations based on their plant’s needs. The company is embracing new product development opportunities while delivering yeasts today that maximize production.

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Upcycled, moisturising and skin-friendly xylitol

Piera Pericu explains what xylitol has to offer as a natural active with proven benefits for skin health.

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How this cosmetic ingredient became Upcycled Certified

As the world’s first certification for upcycled ingredients enters the beauty industry, Caroline Barry explores the steps IFF’s GENENCARE OSMS range went through to become Upcycled Certified.

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Energy Savings from Milling

Our team is constantly looking for ways to help our customers reduce their costs. Discover how energy savings can be achieved from milling.

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