Micronized betaine for water-free and solid cosmetics

GENENCARE® OSMS CC is the micronized powder form of natural betaine. Our betaine is a sustainably sourced bioactive, upcycled from a sugar production side stream. Betaine is an osmolyte naturally present in skin and helps protect cells from hydric stress. It helps strengthen the skin barrier and provides moisturization and sensory benefits. GENENCARE® OSMS CC helps provide lips moisturization and longer lasting lip color and shine.

Moisturization, protection and sensory benefits

In water-free and solid cosmetics

Mitigates surface irritation

Moisturizes lip

Improvement of lip moisturization immediately and 2 hours after application.

Natural osmolyte

Synthesis of specific osmolyte transporters to increase betaine uptake and allow cell rehydration.

Mode of action

1. Stratum Corneum hydration
As a humectant, betaine captures water molecules on the surface.

2. Skin barrier strengthening
Betaine makes the tight junctions between keratinocytes stronger; increase skin barrier integrity and cohesion to limit water loss.

3. Keratinocytes protected from dehydration
Osmolyte strategy: under oxidative (UV) or thermal stress, keratinocytes synthesize specific osmolyte transporters on the membrane for an active intake of betaine, leading to an increased water intake and cell volume recovery.

Technical Data Sheets and Sample Requests

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Sustainability profiles

GENENCARE® OSMS CC is derived from non-GMO sugar beet, and 100% naturally-sourced.

GENENCARE® OSMS CC is upcycled from sugar production side stream and carries the following certificates: Ecocert, Cosmos, NATRUE approved, KOSHER certified under the Circle-U, Halal, Upcycled Certified under the Upcycled Food Association.

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