Intentional Biology
Applying protein engineering expertise to tackle stability in liquid laundry detergents

Detergent makers face a constant juggling act as they strive to meet performance expectations, maintain eco-friendliness, comply with regulations, and stay competitive. ​To keep up, many brands must update their detergent formulas on a regular basis. But changing the formula is a complex and expensive process that can also impact enzyme stability and effectiveness.

With industry-leading biotechnology and protein engineering capabilities, IFF has developed a portfolio of robust enzymes specifically designed to meet these challenging market needs - while keeping the risks for our customers at a minimum. This is performance. Naturally better.

Synergy at its best

We now offer a liquid protease, amylase and mannanase portfolio that brings a new level of enzymatic compatibility, providing long-lasting stain removal performance for all liquid laundry detergent formats.​

Discover the enzymes in our PREFERENZ® portfolio and create a broader cleaning performance level that consumers worldwide are after.

How we're designing enzymes that contribute to the greater good:

Through leading-edge protein engineering capabilities we can now address challenges of compatibility, performance, robustness simultaneously. But more importantly, we designed our PREFERENZ® portfolio considering both the individual enzyme functionality, and how these functionalities collaborate. With individual enzymes optimized to work together, manufacturers can more easily broaden their detergent performance spectrum - bringing more benefits to market.

4 ways the PREFERENZ® portfolio addresses key manufacturing challenges:

Effortless compatibility​

We made a friendlier protease that does not prematurely linearize, nor does it impact the efficacy of other enzyme functionalities. High levels of in-detergent stability take care of great aged performance results and deliver a detergent that works, no matter the time that passes before the consumer pours the last dosage.

Broader Performance Spectrum ​

This robust PREFERENZ® portfolio of a Protease, Amylase and Mannanase brings functional dimension to the liquid detergent. A wide variety of soils are tackled at the broadest range of washing conditions, including cold temperature wash cycles.

Achieving More with Less

The benefits of our latest PREFERENZ® enzymes can be achieved without the need for stabilizers required in the detergent formulation. With the elimination of the need for a total stabilization package IFF offers the opportunity to improve total formulation cost.​

Shift to Sustainability

Both the elimination of the need for chemical stabilizers as the consumer enablement to wash at cold and/or at short cycle due to its premium stain removal performance reduces GHG emissions and helps companies achieve their sustainability goals.​

More stable enzymes through protein engineering ​

To deliver the highest cleaning performance level wash after wash, enzymes must stay stable in the detergent throughout their lifecycle. But enzymes are sensitive to other detergent ingredients, like surfactants. In unfavorable conditions such as high storage temperatures, they may degrade, losing their catalytic power. The conventional solution is to add stabilizing ingredients to a detergent - but this results in extra cost and regulatory limitations.

But through new protein engineering techniques, IFF can now deliver enzymes that are efficient, effective, AND stable at unfavorable conditions, without the need for extra ingredients. This is intentional biology at its best.

our scientists
"Protein engineering enables the improvement of specific enzyme properties by changing the amino acid sequence. Our integrated process allows for rapid allocation of optimum proteins with desired properties."

Tom Graycar
Senior Scientist, Home & Personal Care​, IFF


Enzymes are nature’s catalytic powerhouses. Biodegradable proteins that do not accumulate in the environment, they effectively facilitate reactions that can otherwise occur only at high​ temperatures, extreme pH or in the presence of harsh chemicals.​ Our new liquid PREFERENZ® portfolio of stable enzymes reduces the need​ for stabilizers in liquid laundry detergents, while also providing a first time clean in very cold wash cycles.

Washing at lower temperatures without loss of cleaning performance IS possible.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) shows that the largest impact of detergents on carbon emission occurs during the use phase - and mainly energy consumption from water heating.​ The PREFERENZ® portfolio provides excellent cleaning performance at washing temperatures below 20°C, enabling consumers to make more sustainable choices.

Inherent stability converts into real savings​ - and a step closer to net-zero carbon emissions.

By opting to streamline ingredients and shift toward more biobased materials, we can establish real cost savings while reducing our environmental footprint.

PREFERENZ® Stable Liquid Enzyme Portfolio​


Stable liquid protease for hydrolysis of proteins like blood, milk, grass, cacao, etc. even after long storage in a detergent. Highly compatible with other enzymes and ideal for cold washes.


Stable liquid amylase that removes soils caused by starch containing natural and processed foods, such as baby food, soups, sauces, etc. Stable in detergent and resistant to proteolysis.


Stable liquid mannanase that degrades tough stains such as chilled desserts and dressings. Prevents re-deposition of soils during wash. Stable in detergent and resistant to proteolysis.

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Complete the form to request technical data sheets for the enzymes in our PREFERENZ® portfolio. We look forward to helping you discover a naturally-better cleaning performance level that consumers worldwide are after.

Complete the form to request technical data sheets for the enzymes in our PREFERENZ® portfolio. We look forward to helping you discover a naturally-better cleaning performance level that consumers worldwide are after.