Bringing lactose-free milk to every-day life​

The growing lactose-free dairy category is driving high demand for lactase enzymes. But, as dairy manufacturers are discovering, the processing limitations of commercial enzymes can turn lactose-free innovation into a challenging and costly exercise. Up until now, temperature has had a significant impact on the performance of lactases – limiting their use in a more aggressive processing environment. Additionally, lactases have traditionally needed long periods of time to work, often causing a bottleneck in dairy plants.​

BONLACTA™ is our response to that challenge – a new high-purity lactase that can hydrolyze lactose faster under refrigeration and high-temperature conditions, and delivers a final product with an outstanding clean taste. Using this tailored enzyme to produce a lactose-free product, dairy companies can now select their process conditions more freely to minimize reaction times.​

Key Benefits​
  • High temperature use​

  • Faster lactose hydrolysis under refrigeration conditions​

  • Improved cost-in-use​

  • High purity product​

  • Improved filterability in sterile dosing​

BONLACTA™ Enzymes for Lactose-Free Dairy

Your Business Gains

Your Product Benefits


Robust, high-purity choice for the lactose-free dairy category

Suitable for lactose-free diets

Sustained fast hydrolysis in high temperature processes

Ensures sensory quality of extended shelf-life and UHT products

Clean taste

Improved filterability

Enables more cost-competitive production

Balanced sweetness

Long storage stability

Stable quality during transportation and shelf-life

Suitable for batch hydrolysation and co-hydrolysation

High purity

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