There is a transformative shift towards experience-driven spending as individuals now seek profoundly enriching and enjoyable experiences from beauty and personal care products, viewing them as liberating the senses and providing a more fulfiling daily sensorial experience.

Oum is our bodycare formulation collection developed for your evening wind-down ritual. Featuring award-winning conditioning biopolymer AURIST™ AGC to reduce skin roughness feel and improved rinsability. All formulations in Oum contain a high amount of active ingredients from our GENENCARE® actives line to help protect and nourish the skin.

Oum – IFF Bodycare Formulation Collection
For gentle cleansing and extra hydration

This nectar body wash with a honey-like texture is a formulation rich in actives for gentle cleansing and extra hydration.It contains GENENCARE® OSMS BA for moisture retention as well as GENENCARE® XL to help support the skin’s microbiome environment. Award-winning readily biodegradable biopolymer AURIST™ AGC helps ensure that skin is soft and hydrated before leaving the shower.


For use in shower

Formulated to be used in the shower on wet, clean skin, Oum in-shower sorbet body lotion melts like a sorbet on contact with skin releasing nourishing oils to condition and hydrate skin. Complete the process by rinsing off the product and gently towel dry. This formulation contains skin conditioning biopolymer AURIST™ AGC and moisturizing osmolyte GENENCARE® OSMS BA for moisturized and soft skin immediately as you step out of the shower.


Easy-to-apply, silky sensory

This neck & body serum is enriched with a high amount of GENENCARE® OSMS MI known for increasing skin elasticity and firmness. A minimalist formulation which contains less than ten ingredients with a high amount of actives. It has a silky application and a premium non-tacky after-feel that can be attributed to the addition of rheology modifier AURIST™ GHI.


Receive Oum formulations in a PDF file by clicking on the link below.

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