In the world of beauty and personal care, trends come and go with lightning speed.

Staying ahead in this ever-evolving industry requires a mix of foresight, creativity, and adaptability. Using PANOPTIC, IFF’s proprietary trend and foresight capability, we generate insights to inspire and drive future-proof creation and innovation for growth. Through sight and sound, we invite you to see (and hear) how our market-driven and trend-forward approach are applied to the concept formulations we’ve created in this immersive experience.

The Trend:

Holistic Well-being

As wellness and beauty converge, consumers increasingly view their bodies as interconnected ecosystems, placing an emphasis on the mind-body connection for an enhanced wellness journey.

With greater access to information, consumers are heavily invested in and becoming more knowledgeable about ingredients and their effects. As a result, they are more selective of their beauty products or reinvent their beauty routines to maximize benefits.

Growing consumer awareness of ingredients and benefits drives demand for products incorporating elements originally found in facial care – a concept known as "skinification". This involves integrating active ingredients, routines or benefits from facial skincare into broader beauty and personal care applications.

In hair care, the popularity of skinification arises from the belief that skincare actives can offer similar benefits to the hair and scalp such as hydration, protection, moisturization.

Hot air can strip away your hair’s natural moisture, leaving it dry and brittle. Heat styling tools can lead to split ends and breakage, too. The right product, applied before styling, helps minimize the damage. Quartz Hair Serum is a leave-in conditioner for freshly washed hair — damp or dry — to smooth, detangle and control frizz. Water-based and silicone-free, it has a high level of natural-origin ingredients and includes AURIST™ AGC, a novel award-winning biopolymer. The serum’s lightweight formula effortlessly integrates into any haircare routine for added protection and style. During application, a natural, caring scent creates a symphony for the senses — weaving gentle floral notes into a powdery musk, elevated with refreshing green and citrus top notes. Quartz Hair Serum is inspired by “skinification” — a trend where active ingredients, routines and benefits from facial care are incorporated in wider beauty applications. It’s based on the belief that common skin-care actives can provide similar benefits to the hair — like hydration, nourishment and protection.

Fragrance:Pure Care

Brands can also leverage this heightened awareness of the interconnectedness of physical and mental health by incorporating mindfulness practices such as aromatherapy and relaxation techniques. Formulations tailored for specific times, like night-time rituals, emphasize the reparative nature of sleep for skin regeneration and recovery.

Rejuvenating beauty sleep is more than just a peaceful interlude. In Japan, 97% of adults say it’s key to healthy ageing. And a good night’s sleep is essential for the skin. Nighttime is when skin goes into recovery mode, with cell mitosis at its peak to repair and renew. Pyjamask is a natural transforming mask. In contact with water, the dark blue oil-gel turns into a milk for easy rinsing. The mask offers protection against the effects of blue light, while its active ingredient — GENENCARE® OSMS BA — moisturizes and restores. Applied in the evening, the relaxing fragrance soothes you to sleep — powered by IFF METASLEEP™ technology. A powdery, floral scent is spiked with soft citrus notes, all resting gracefully on a bed of precious woods to whisk you away to dreamland. As we become more and more aware of the interconnections between physical and mental health, Pyjamask shines a spotlight on sleep — in line with a broader shift towards holistic self-care. Part of a nightly beauty ritual, it seamlessly blends looking good and feeling good.

Fragrance: Peace of Mind

The Trend:

Sensorial Experiences

There is a transformative shift in consumers’ spending habits toward experience-driven purchases over material goods. According to a survey by Mintel, 56% of global consumers believe it’s essential to spend money on experiences. In beauty and personal care, consumers now pursue a profoundly enriching and enjoyable experience, seeking products and routines that provide multisensory stimulation to liberate and reawaken the senses, to create enjoyable, immersive, and emotionally satisfying experiences.

As a response to the demands of fast-paced lifestyles, consumers are reinventing their beauty and personal care routines. However, this transformation extends beyond time-saving and convenience; consumers now seek a sensorially rich and enjoyable experience from their daily personal care products.

This includes innovative formats and textures that evoke a pleasurable sensation during application, where the journey of beauty is as enjoyable as the results themselves, for a truly gratifying beauty experience.

Tired of cold, greasy lotion after a hot, refreshing shower? Waiting for it to be absorbed? Then wriggling into jeans that feel glued on? Moisturizers are the second most popular personal care product after body wash — but the experience leaves a lot to be desired. In-shower Sorbet Body Lotion is an exciting innovation in wet skincare — with conditioning biopolymer AURIST™ AGC and moisturizing osmolyte GENENCARE® OSMS BA. Applied after body wash, it melts to release nourishing oils that condition and hydrate. All that’s left is to rinse and gently towel dry. Crisp citrus notes are wrapped in floral blossoms, all anchored with sophisticated base notes — for a long-lasting boost of self-confidence that lingers on the skin. In-shower Sorbet Body Lotion targets the transformative shift in consumer spending from simple product to full-on experience — reinventing beauty and personal care routines elevates the senses to enjoy a rich, fulfilling sensation every day.

Fragrance: Lotus Mist

In a fast-paced world, moments of calm are essential. The therapeutic touch of a massage eases tension — to unwind and escape the stresses of daily life. For individuals or couples, the Massage Candle transports you to an oasis of tranquility. Once lit, it delicately melts into a luxurious massage oil that glides sensuously over the skin. Warm to the touch, it sets an intimate, indulgent mood for a shared moment of relaxation and connection. The fragrance is an elixir of sensuality — gently seducing the senses with a harmonious blend of opulent white florals, rich oriental and amber notes, and a glimmer of sweet, sultry fruit. A heady talisman releasing its aromatic charms to enchant and inspire. The Massage Candle is all about heightened sensorial experience — adding a playful touch to beauty and personal care. Liberating and enriching, it reawakens the senses for an immersive and enjoyable emotional experience.

Fragrance: Midnight Elixir

ASMR—or autonomous sensory meridian response—is a phenomenon where individuals experience a distinct sensory response from certain auditory or visual stimuli.

Popular on social media platforms like TikTok, creators use ASMR to soothe viewers and trigger pleasant sensations. Brands can also provoke new sensations through sound, to elicit a satisfying and relaxing experience for the user during product application.

Innovative textures and application formats are redefining our beauty routines — offering an immersive sensory journey that includes not just sight, touch and smell, but sound, too. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response — ASMR — is that tingle in your scalp that sends chills down your spine. It’s a relaxing and calming experience. And it’s not just for TikTok anymore. Crackling Body Mousse is a whipped, airy formulation that glides seamlessly onto the skin — velvety and feather-like to the touch, with a symphony of delicate crackles and pops. Each gentle stroke releases a burst of effervescent fizz — cooling and hydrating at the same time — with our energizing osmolyte GENENCARE® OSMS MI to improve skin elasticity. The upbeat fragrance invigorates and delights. A wave of sparkling green fruit awakens the senses, before unveiling graceful florals and sophisticated caring notes. This olfactory journey, coupled with sound and touch, carries you away to a world of indulgent sensation. Crackling Body Mousse is a calming, gratifying experience that represents a transformative shift in beauty and personal care. Sensual stimuli are no longer an afterthought. They’re taking their place — front and center — to make the journey as pleasurable as the result.

Fragrance: Joyful Sparkle

The Trend:

Sustainable Choices

Environmental characteristics undoubtedly play a part in a consumer’s purchase decision. Brands are being held accountable for their environmental impact, and consumers are actively seeking products that align with their values of eco-consciousness. From responsibly-sourced ingredients to recyclable packaging, consumers are making choices that reflect a commitment to sustainable living.

For many beauty brands, achieving zero waste and circular economy goals can prove challenging.

Upcycled ingredients represent a powerful tool to reduce the environmental impact of products and tell an important sustainability story at the same time. This aligns with one of the environmentally-conscious values that resonates most with consumers: waste reduction.

As busy lifestyles pick back up, stick formats are gaining popularity. Portable and supremely convenient, they’re easily dropped into any handbag for an instant pick-me-up anywhere, anytime. Icy Eye Stick is the perfect companion for active urbanites making conscious choices that align with their personal values. One twist is all it takes for precise, controlled application to the delicate eye-contour zone. The smooth-gliding stick melts on contact to deliver an ice-cold effect with osmolytes to moisturize the skin. The scent heroes an energizing, refreshing and cooling blend of joyful citrus, fizzy aromatics and green notes with a pinch of cold spiciness.  Icy Eye Stick features upcycled ingredients — GENENCARE® OSMS MI from sugar production side streams and GENENCARE® XL from wood processing. Upcycling is a powerful approach to limit environmental impact and support one of the most firmly held values for sustainable shoppers: waste reduction.

Fragrance: Mint Attitude

The Trend

New Trust Equation

The pandemic saw a shift in consumers’ purchase behavior, underscored by a massive surge in the popularity of science and a new appreciation for the clinical. Consumers now demand their products to be backed by robust science for proven efficacy and safe use. This drove the prominence of ingredients that have a low environmental impact and are backed by science, proving that new developments in science and technology will be essential for the future of beauty and personal care products.

Caters to consumers who prioritize evidence-backed products and leverage their trust and confidence in science, using scientifically proven ingredients to add value in telling the brand story.

Consumers seek clear and honest communication. Detailed information on labels and marketing materials build trust, empowering informed choices aligned with values and preferences.

A minimalist approach that emphasizes on simplicity and quality over abundance. This trend will promote products with fewer but highly efficacious ingredients.

Serums were first developed to answer the need for highly concentrated, lightweight formulations. They gained popularity for their targeted benefits, like hydrating and mitigating the effects of ageing. Layered under moisturizing creams or lotions, serums give you an extra boost. They’re a growing category that’s reaching beyond merely face care. Neck & Body Serum indulges your skin with minimal ingredients. Enriched with GENENCARE® OSMS MI — for skin firmness and elasticity — it’s tailored to delicate areas, like the neck and chest. Dropper bottles exude simplicity and luxury. And the formulation, with fewer than ten ingredients, is silky to apply — with a premium, non-tacky after-feel thanks to AURIST™ GHI, a natural rheology modifier. Relax and unwind on a fragrance journey — with a drop of gentle citrus notes falling into watery florals, all supported by elegant, caring back notes. Consumers are spending more and more time researching products and discovering specific actives. And they’re leaning into products with fewer, but more effective, ingredients. Neck & Body Serum suits the less-is-more philosophy — for a more mindful and intentional approach to beauty and personal care.

Fragrance: Lotus Mist

The Trend:

Budget conscious

With inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, consumers will prioritize products that offer an appealing price-to-value ratio. Rather than merely trading down to basics, discerning consumers seek products that deliver on functionality and efficacy. They expect brands to go the extra mile in validating the effectiveness of their formulations without compromising affordability. Interestingly, the "lipstick effect" suggests that even during times of economic challenges, consumers will still find room for indulgence, showcasing the enduring appeal of certain products.

Brands can focus on delivering high-quality formulations, elegant packaging, and a premium experience without the hefty price tag traditionally associated with luxury items to cater to consumers seeking a pampering experience in their beauty and personal care routine without compromising affordability.

Showering is “me time”. A moment of relaxation and rejuvenation. Soap, bath and shower products offer a chance to prioritize premium quality and multi-sensory experience — at an accessible price point. Nectar Body Wash is a formulation rich in actives — for gentle cleansing and extra hydration — with a honey-like texture that exudes opulence. GENENCARE® OSMS BA encourages moisture retention, while GENENCARE® XL supports the skin’s microbiome. Award-winning AURIST™ AGC, a conditioning biopolymer, leaves the skin soft and hydrated. The scent is carefully crafted to enhance relaxation and mindfulness — infused with a velvety fragrance of soft florals, with subtle freshness on top and delicate creamy back notes. Consumers dealing with a cost-of-living crisis expect their brands to innovate and find cost-effective alternatives, but still deliver on values like sustainability and performance. It’s not about trading down. There’s always room for a little indulgence. Nectar Body Wash provides a pampering experience to ease the tensions of the day.

Fragrance: Lotus Mist

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