Malt: Corn (60:40) Cooking 99°C vs. 85°C

We have simulated a combined corn decoction & infusion mashing process, where the corn is liquefied at 95°C (203°F) and 85°C (185°F), respectively.

It is not a guarantee that any brewer will achieve the mentioned savings, but it is standard/average numbers for a 1 MM hl brewery.

We hope that the Energy Simulation Calculator has inspired you to become even greener.

We can support you to:

  1. Understand energy consumption during mashing/cereal cooking
  2. Getting a higher understanding of the impact of different raw materials, processes and Nutrition & Biosciences enzymes
  3. Sharing knowledge and learning together

Please contact us and we will work with you, with your data. Based on the conversation we will generate the resulting Sankey diagram, and saving potential.

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